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eTagz Speak For You When You Cannot

Emergencies can happen anytime - anywhere! Be prepared by making your emergency contact details and medical information easily and quickly available to first responders. Activate your Tag now so it can speak for you when you're not able to!
Make your emergency contact and medical details instantly available
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“eTagz saved my daughter’s life”  

Stewart M. -  Bristol, England

eTagz saved my daughter’s life. She is allergic to tree nut and went into shock. When her eTagz was scanned they knew where to find her EpiPen and who to call for help immediately. There is no other medical tag out there that does this. God bless you.’

“It's so helpful for my medication schedule… all my medications and doses show up on my screen”

Martha H. - Arizona, USA

‘My son bought me my eTagz. It's so helpful for my medication schedule. I scan my eTagz with my phone camera, and all my medications and doses show up on my screen. A lot of us need help remembering when to take our medications. Thank you, guys!’

“Why didn’t someone come up with this Digital Medical ID before?”

Martin V. -  Sydney, Australia

‘Why didn’t someone do this Digital Medical ID before? I was able to provide all my medication and medical conditions in my profile MEDWALL. It’s 2020 and finally, someone came up with a 21st  century upgrade to Medical ID tags.’

“This is such a brilliant and simple idea”   

Suzan R. -  California, USA

‘This is such a brilliant and simple idea. I set up a user profile, typed in the medical info, added my emergency contacts, and connected the eTagz they shipped me to my profile in less than 10 minutes. I will feel safer in my travels now.’