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Hear what our eTagz customers are saying about our life-saving bracelets, necklaces, helmet stickers, and refrigerator magnets.

“eTagz saved my daughter’s life”  
Stewart M. -  Bristol, England

‘eTagz saved my daughter’s life. She is allergic to tree nut and went into shock. When her eTagz was scanned they knew where to find her EpiPen and who to call for help immediately. There is no other medical tag out there that does this. God bless you.’

“With eTagz we can contact their closest family member”  
EMT -  New York, USA

‘In most incidents patients are in a vulnerable, fragile and in a hurt state. With eTagz we can contact their closest family member. And to have a family show up as soon as possible makes a world of difference to that person and their situation.’

“It's so helpful for my medication schedule… all my medications and doses show up on my screen”
Martha H. - Arizona, USA

My son bought me my eTagz. It's so helpful for my medication schedule. I scan my eTagz with my phone camera, and all my medications and doses show up on my screen. A lot of us need help remembering when to take our medications. Thank you, guys!’

“This is such a brilliant and simple idea”   
Suzan R. -  California, USA

‘This is such a brilliant and simple idea. I set up a user profile, typed in the medical info, added my emergency contacts, and connected the eTagz they shipped me to my profile in less than 10 minutes. I will feel safer in my travels now.’

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eTagz Speak For You When You Cannot

Emergencies can happen anytime - anywhere! Be prepared by making your emergency contact details and medical information easily and quickly available to first responders. Activate your eTagz.net Tag now so it can speak for you when you're not able to!
Make your emergency contact and medical details instantly available
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eTagz: A Medical Alert ID Tag / QR Code That Can Save Your Life

Who Needs eTagz?

In so many emergency situations, individuals aren’t able to communicate with medical professionals who come on the scene. What if you have allergies to certain medications? What if you have epilepsy? Or heart disease? Or diabetes? The ability to diagnose those issues quickly can mean the difference between life and death. eTagz can be a lifesaver for:

• Elderly parents or relatives who live alone

• Children with specific medical conditions

• Athletes such as hikers, long-distance runners, or bikers who might want their specific history known to medical technicians in the case that no other family or friends are close by.

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