How to Buy A Tag

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Create Your Account
2 - Click 'My Tags' tab and make sure your new eTagz number you registered is in the list

3 - Complete your 'Emergency Contact' and fill out your 'MEDWALL' information. Here is an example you provide on your 'MEDWALL'. The 'MEDWALL' is a free text area that you can type up to 1000 words. First Responders and Medical Personnel like short sets of information with accurate details
HAVE YOUR NEW eTagz .... Yay!

1-'LOG IN' and click on 'Add Tag' tab. Enter the number in front or back of your eTagz and answer the questions. Press SAVE
Really Easy!

1 - Click 'REGISTER' on top right and 'Create An Account'

2 - 'LOG IN' to your new account

3 - Purchase an eTagz from 'ETAGZ Purchase' tab. We will ship you your new eTagz in 3-5 business days.

Your etagz purchase includes 1-year subscription